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Scrapbook Paper Envelopes


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Hey everybody! This is my first time posting. Earlier I was featured for my Cheesy Chicken Bake. Megan and Emily decided to bring me in full time though. I am so excited to share all of my ideas with y'all. This week I wanted to show you how to make Scrapbook Paper Envelopes. These are super cute and extremely easy to make. 

What you will need:
-Scrapbook paper
-Ruler (Optional)
-Template(see below for description) 

Originally I couldn't find dimensions for the template, so I decided to free hand it. You want a shape like a diamond but two of the peaks will be a bit smaller than the other two. The two smaller ones will be opposite of another. Imagine a rectangle in the center and the smaller peaks are the shorter sides of the rectangle. Once your template is ready lay it flat on your scrapbook paper and trace it out. 

Next you will need to cut out the traced template.

Once cut, fold the two smaller sides so they overlap. Glue them together at the tips.

Now fold the right side up. 

Fold back the tip and cut so it is even with the rest of the envelope. 

Glue the right side down.

The final step is to fold the top (left side) down. 

Voila! You have yourself a homemade envelope. 

They are so inexpensive and you can use them for a variety of occasions. From wedding invitations to birthday parties. If you desire, put a little glue or tap on it and send them through the mail. Your friends and family will absolutely love these. Personally I'm a fan of the kitty cat envelope. You will come to find that out. I'm a big cat lover!! Hope y'all enjoyed this post. 


  1. Great idea! I think I may do this for James birthday invitations next year!! (Or attempt it anyway lol)

  2. Nice demo! When I get some time I am definitely going to make some of these! I am your newest GFC follower!

  3. Thanks! I'm really glad y'all enjoyed. I love that they don't take that much time either. We are following you too Heather!

  4. This is so clever! I never would have thought to do this...and it's so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Glad you liked the idea Marilyn! Be sure to check out our other tutorials as well. Every Tuesday!!

  6. I'm so glad that I'm following you! Great tutorial, my daughter and I are going to have fun with this one.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Good tutorial! I do this too, although I make them a little differently. So nice to be able to make envelopes that coordinate with your cards.

  8. These are so cute and such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Found you through a linky party and excited to be a new follower! :)

  9. It's so wonderful to have so many new followers!! We look forward to following y'all as well. These envelopes are very versatile. From sizes to how they are made. Great idea indeed!

  10. Great idea, and so darn cute. Love the paper you used. I really love the one with the cats! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  11. I love this idea! How pretty they are and I love how you can make them to match any occassion! Your envelopes are a feature this week!


  12. Thank you for sharing this steps for making beautiful envelopes and traditional envelopes are made from sheets of paper cut to one of three shapes: a rhombus, a short-arm cross, or a kite. These shapes allow for the creation of the envelope structure by folding the sheet sides around a central rectangular area.

  13. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the envelopes! They have been such a big success. Special thanks to Jenny as well for featuring them on Days of Chalk and Chocolate's blog. Considering it's Melissa's first official post, such an honor. Happy blogging y'all!!

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  15. That's really what i want to do with Gift Card envelopes...thanks you share it.

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