Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ceiling Fan Redo

Happy Tuesday everybody! What... huh? A tutorial posting on a Tuesday? Yes it's true! Melissa Megan and I went out for a girls night last Friday and we decided that we want to start posting more and chose to do Tutorial Tuesday and drum roll please.... Thirsty Thursday! 

On to today's posting.. We are in the process of redo-ing Scarlett's room. In a 112 year old house it's a process, a lengthy process. You never know what you are going to find behind the walls, it's like Christmas if Santa had a very bad sense of humor. I hate the look of plain white fans, but we didn't want to put out a lot of money for a child's room, at least just yet, so I used scrapbook paper to update her fan into something totally unique. 

I completely forgot to get before pictures, but y'all can imagine a plain white fan. Also please don't judge her ceiling it looks a little crazy but it's not done yet.

First take the fan apart. Again no pictures, but just unscrew the screws from it, easy as pie. 

Now the fan blades are longer than scrapbook paper so you'll need two per fan blade, try to get a design that you won't notice where the two pieces meet. 

Mod Podge the blade.

Add the scrapbook paper, line up where ever it needs to be and use something to get a good bond.  My husband is an auto body technician so I used a bondo spreader. 

Y'all know it's difficult to to do two things at once, take a picture while pressing scrapbook paper? Pshhhhh yeah right, fuzzy picture! 

 Once you have the paper on there put weight on leave all the excess paper over the edges. It is easier to cut off when dry. I just put bricks of the blades. 

Once dry just cut the excess paper off with scissors or an exacto knife. I cut the paper down to a manageable size so it didn't flop all over while cutting it along the fan blades. 

Once cut off Mod Podge the top and sides so it holds good. Viola! 

Poke holes for the screws and reattach to the fan. You could always spray paint the fixtures as well on the fan, we took a vote and I lost out everyone wanted to keep the fixtures gold except me I wanted to go silver. Boo. 

What I love is if I find a different pattern that we like better or just want a change, it will cost me up to a whopping $4.00! 

 Hope y'all enjoy, now go! Go to the store and get rid of those plain white fans and make a statement with it! 


  1. What a great idea! I wish I had thought of that because we had a fan that had every blade a primary color (ugly!) so we just went out and bought a new one. (Found you on Sugar Bee) This mod podge stuff is taking over the world! LOL

  2. found you via Someday Crafts--- I love this idea! I think I might give it a whirl on my boring bedroom fan :)

  3. Sorry Doreen, wish I would have posted it sooner now! And sandpaperandglue, you so should, my daughter kept telling me how much she loves it! It was so so easy really.

  4. Great idea! Never would have thought of it, but I love it! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  5. Kudos for this work of art! ;) It surely added more character to the ceiling fan’s blades. I bet it looks even better when the ceiling fan’s already turned on. Anyway, have it regularly maintained so that it won’t develop stains and hard-to-clean dirt.

    Staci Severns


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