Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Cake Stand

So, we got some good stuff that's going to be going on within the next couple of months. We'll be promoting some nice giveaways so everyone stayed tuned. Today however, nothing too exciting. Just gonna walk you through how to make your own cake stand.

Granted, this is a poorly crafted cake plate. The plate and the planting pot I used are completely disproportional. But I used what I had. I know that I'm gonna attempt this again a little later down the road when I have something more appropriate. Until then....


A plate. Preferably one without a lip. A tart pan might be great for this project.
Terracotta pot. Candle holders will do nicely too.
Elmer's Max All glue. E6000 or Epoxy will work just as well.


1. Flip you pot (or candle holder) to whichever side you want to attach your plate to. I choose the open side because it's wider and covered more of the bottom of the plate. Looking back now though, I'm thinking I should have used the bottom of the pot so I could have a wider base on my cake plate, but oh well.

2. Line the edge of your pot with your glue.

3.Turn your pot over and center it in the middle of the plate and press down firmly. Now, I didn't use the colored side of my plate because it had a lip so I flipped it upside down.

4. Now the glue I used has to cure for a least four hours with pressure. Obviously, I didn't press firmly with my own hands for that long. I used books instead. (Why yes, I do love Julie Garwood and vampires. However, I don't recommend Dracula The Un-Dead. It wasn't a very entertaining read.) Be careful when doing this though. You might want to wait a few minutes to let the glue dry a little because if you place the books on the pot as soon as you put the glue down, the pot will slide across your plate surface. Ask me how I know .

Ta-Da. Like I said completely disproportional, but I will try this again. I'm sure your cake stand turned out, like, a MILLION times better than mine. Anyway, see you guys tomorrow with Favorite Finds Fridays!

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