Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rahmatulla Roll Ups

My maiden name is Rahmatulla (hence Rahmatulla roll ups), and these have been in my family for years. Half of y'all are going to see them and immediately say ewwww! The other half are going to go hmmm yeah maybe. But let me tell you, seriously, my family will flip for these and when I bring them to events they really catch people off  guard because they don't expect the ingredients to go together so well. I will be show casing two recipes in this post Pickle Roll Ups and Tortilla Roll Ups. 

We usually make these for Christmas and Thanksgiving, however my mom and sister came into town and my mom decided she wanted them, so I made sure to make them. Within half an hour of their arrival these were brought out, I popped a couple then went outside for about 5 minutes. Came back in and half the pickle roll ups were gone and all of the tortilla roll ups had been eaten. (Luckily I still have some stowed away in the fridge)

For Pickle Roll Ups you will need: 

Whole dill pickles 
Buddig Ham (or some other super thin sliced ham, usually in the packs for about $0.50, not regular deli ham it's too thick) 
Cream Cheese -softened

For 1 regular jar of pickles I used about 3/4 a block of cream cheese and about 3 or 4 packs of ham

First lay out your ham so a little is overlapping (think venn diagram) and spread cream cheese over it. Make sure the cream cheese gets under the overlapped part. You don't need a massive amount of cream cheese, but don't skimp. 

Put a pickle on the end and then roll the pickle up in the cream cheesed ham. 

Very important step: LET IT REFRIGERATE OVER NIGHT. Or at least 6 hours. There is just something about it that it taste completely different if not refrigerated. 

After they've been refrigerated all night take them out to cut them. Cut the ends off first. The ends are always going to have the wrong ham to pickle ratio, either too much or too little, so get rid of it (or snack as cutting). The rest of the pickle should give you about 5 slices. 

For Tortilla Roll Ups you will need: 

Burrito sized tortillas 
Buddig Ham (or some other super thin sliced ham, usually in the packs for about $0.50, not regular deli ham it's too thick)
Cream Cheese - softened
Canned Green Chiles

For 10 tortillas I used about 1 block of cream cheese, about 4 or 5 packs of ham, 10 oz of chiles (which you can usually find on the salsa isle) and 1 med size onion.

Spread your cream cheese on a tortilla. Again like the others, you don't need a massive amount but don't skimp. Sorry the picture is a little hard to see the cream cheese, white on white you know?

Lay about 3 pieces of ham on it. Now I'm the only one who does this in my family, but I put just the thinnest layer of cream cheese on the ham. To me I think it helps hold the onions and chiles, but my family would think I'm crazy, I would tell them it's genetic. 

Next add the onions and chiles. No set amount, just enough so that when rolled and sliced there is onions and chiles in each slice. 

Again with some white on white, you can't hardly see the onions. 

Roll it up. 

Again REFRIGERATE OVERNIGHT, or at least 6 hours. Crucial step. 

Then slice the ends off because they are not even. Then slice it up. 

Pictured on the plate is only 4 of the 10 tortillas. Minus what Melissa and I ate while slicing.... Don't judge me these are delicious. 

Ta-da! I'm telling you guys, if you stuck with me and read it all and are sitting there going eh gross, your brain is lying to you, LYING! These things are magical little creations that are like crack, without the withdrawls once they are gone. 


  1. Good job of telling how to make Emily. I am her mother, and I can verify that these are delious! Just a tip, it is easier to spread the cream cheese with you fingers. Gets a little messy but gives the correct spread of cream cheese! BUT.... may I note that when they brought out the rest of the tortilla wraps, (my personal favorite) they were gone before I got there. So sad!!!!

  2. Oh these look so yummy I can't wait to try them! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find your! Excited to be your newest follower


  3. The pickle and ham roll up is something my family has done for many years and they are always a huge hit. The roll ups you posted were delicious also, I added a little fresh grated mozzerella to mine. :) We also do a tortilla roll up but without the meat... cream cheese, ranch dressing mix, sour cream, black olives chopped, a can of chopped cream chilies and finely shredded cheddar. Delicious dipped in a litte PACE salsa. :)

    1. mmm, your's do sound good too. I've never heard of anyone else doing the ham and pickle roll ups. Nice to know someone else out there does them too!


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