Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Picture Chore Chart

Okay so I was going to make this chore chart this weekend, take my time, get nice pictures yada yada yada. But before that Leroy and I needed to replace a wax seal on the toilet. Yeah... we pull up the toilet to find that the floor underneath has rotted out and we need to replace the floor. So needless to say I didn't get to make the chore chart until Monday. Word to the wise blog world, do not buy a 100+ year old house thinking buying a fixer upper will be fun. 

Anyways, I saw a chore chart on another blog, I thought I pinned it but apparently I didn't, so I can't find the original sorry y'all. I really like the concept of a chore chart, but the original had words and well, Scarlett can't read yet. She could tell you the letters but she couldn't tell you what c.l.e.a.n. together mean. So I made a young child friendly chore chart. 

You'll need:

Wooden circles
Baking Pan
Hot Glue
Pictures related to the chore

I bought the wooden circles from Michael's back by the wood area, for like $2.99 for a pack of 6. Print out your pictures and draw a circle around them using the wooden circles as a size guide. 

Cut the pictures out and make sure they line up with the circle, if needed trim it up. Then mod podge the paper on to the circle.

I did a layer of mod podge on top too. Add a magnet to the back using some E6000. 

Now the baking pan I bought from the dollar store, please if you make this don't go spending $5 on a new pan. 

I had Leroy drill two holes for the ribbon to go through up top. 

I also had him spray paint it while I worked on something else for the masquerade dinner party we are doing (can't wait for y'all to see that!). Bless my husbands heart y'all. He works in the auto body and paint field, so the man knows what he's doing in painting something and he goes in to all the technical stuff about adhesion with me. I go out to the garage to see it and I'm thinking it looks perfect and he says "Sorry about the trash in it". I thought it looked perfect. He on the other hand only saw flaws with his work. I love that man. He also primed it with a primer he already had on hand.

 Edit: I originally said the picture above was primed... Then I got this text from my husband "Hey on the blog the picture you have that is labeled as primed is the wrong one. That one is actually the fog coat of the purple paint which helps prevent fish eyes. You lightly mist the paint on before you lay on wet coats. Not a big deal but I just wanted to let you know. " Like I said he knows what he is doing. Lol. Got to love him.... 

Sorry for the glare, lighting was not my friend. 

So then I added a ribbon to the middle, to separate the top "To do" and the bottom "Done". I hot glued the edges then added a few dots through the middle. 

I tried to add the words "To Do" to the top and "Done" at the bottom, however I am stencil stupid! So I ended up taking them off. 

I threaded the ribbon through the holes and tied them off on the back, to create a way to hang the chore chart on the wall, and that was it! 

Now the pictures I used all represent something Scarlett constantly gets told to clean or do. Pick up her clothes, put away art supplies, clear her table, pick up her toys, and feed the dog. When I went through the pictures with Scarlett after telling her they were chores she correctly told me what each picture meant she was suppose to do. So I have no doubt she can easily follow the chore chart. 

So there we go, tonight will be first definitive night of chore chart, I'll let y'all know how the first week of chores goes. 

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