Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Masquerade Tutorial - Raven & Skull Place Cards

Did you all see the pictures from out Masquerade dinner party? If not click here. We had so much fun with it! Today I am going to show you how to make the place card holders we made. Our theme was Edgar Allen Poe and we could not find place card holders that fit the theme. So Megan came up with the idea and it turned out awesome! Everyone wanted to take their's home. 

Okay so first pick up a bag of the skulls. I have seen them everywhere this year, walmart, target, michaels. They should be pretty easy to find. 

Then take an exacto knife or a box cutter and cut a slit on top. I found it easiest to go straight down the top and then the sides. 

Then find a raven you want to use as a template. *Hint* crows also work! Print it out but when it comes to the feet, cut out a square that will stick down in the skull. 

Okay so then we thought, who is going to write the names? And none of us thought our penmanship would be good enough. So with a little creativity and good thinking on Megan's part, we came up with the idea to print out a font we liked then trace it in a paint pen. When you print black ink on black cardstock, it's visible enough to trace with the paint pen. 

I know the first one looks more gray than black, but it's the lighting I promise! It took me about 3 or 4 coats with the paint pen, so don't give up if it doesn't look right after the first coat. 

Then trace the template around the name. Make sure when you first print them out, that they will fit on the template. You may have to change the size of the fonts. 

Cut them out and stick them in your skulls! Then you have a one of a kind name card. 

Even if you don't the the raven on top of a skull maybe we gave you an idea for your party, whatever the theme may be! Good luck and have fun!

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