Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heatherly Loves' Coffee Mug Swap Reveal

I'm excited to say it's time for the reveal of the mug that I got from my partner in the coffee mug swap over at Heatherly Loves I participated in. Heather is super awesome for inviting me to her mug swap and I can't wait to participate in the next one! You guys should stop by her blog and check it out. She got some super crafty things and I have been loving all her Halloween and fall projects, especially the pumpkin ones she's been posting lately.


Now, my partner for the mug swap was Candy.

 Verte Photography,Capture Life.

It was super fun getting to know Candy. Plus, while blog stalking her website I came across her Tuesday Tips for photography and...wow. Those are pretty helpful for the new blogger like myself and definitely worth checking out. But I did find out some pretty cool things about Candy. Like how she is earth friendly and that she likes Southern France. I tried to find a mug that screamed Southern France, but no dice. You guys should  stop by Candy's blog and check out the mug I did end going with at her mug reveal post.

Candy's mug for me however! AHHHH!! I screamed out loud and jumped up and down with joy as Alex stared at me like I was a lunatic that just escaped crazy island. But he doesn't understand the joy...the happiness...the sheer excitement of my mug.

My owl mug. Found in the Halloween section. I love it sooo much. I've already drank some chamomile tea out of it and it just loves to sit on my desk at work. Thank you tons, Candy for my awesome possum owl mug!

Want to see other mug reveals? Check out the Revel Link Up over at Heatherly Loves!

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  1. AWW I am so glad I could bring some joy to your day!!!


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