Monday, February 20, 2012

Cereal Box Clock

YES!! Finally a clock I actually like that I can put in my kitchen. Now, this project is great for college dorm rooms or kitchens. It's pretty simple to make. I think it took me all of like 15 minutes to do (minus glue drying time). I've been toying with this idea for ages and finally this weekend I decided to just go with it. The numbers on the clock are kinda hard to see though and I think that's just because of the cereal box that I decided to go with. I had painted the numbers with an acrylic glow in the dark paint, but the numbers hardly glowed. I have since then painted the numbers black so you can see them better. This clock was a huge hit with my boyfriend who has requested I make a Cinnamon Toast Crunch clock for our bedroom. The other thing I like about this clock is that there is so much variety now with cereal; you can pick just about anything you like. Can someone say Magically Delicious? 

made in a day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cookie Decorating Kit

So Megan and I were trying to figure out what our last Valentines Day blog post should be. We had come up with many  ideas however time got away from us and we didn't really have time to do any of the ideas we had come up with. So then in the middle of that I remembered that I did not get a final count of how many valentines I needed for Scarlett's daycare, so I called to confirm and they said they were also throwing a party and going to ask parents to bring stuff. 

What?!  They tell me this the day before valentines day? I'm not the type to grab a box of cookies from the store and call it done, so we came up with this idea and solved both of our problems, something for daycare's party and another blog post. 

We decided to make up kits that kids can decorate their own cookies. A little more fun than grabbing a cookie out of a plastic container from the grocery store. Of course because of the time crunch we used premade cookie dough and frosting. There is no specific order they have to be done in though. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Paint Chip Bookmarks

So, next week is the big week! Valentine's Day is almost here which will bring us to the conclusion of all of our Valentine's Day crafts. (Just one more after this week!!) This week's tutorial is a short, sweet, and easy bookmark. It will probably take you all of 30 minutes to do about ten of these, which is perfect. This is something nice and inexpensive to give to co-workers, your book club members, or classmates of your little ones. Just grab a couple of paint swatches at your local hardware store, (or Wal-Mart. That's where I got mine.) a heart hole punch and a single hole punch, (which you probably already have laying around the house anyway) and ribbon. (Again, you probably already have.) You are ready to GO!!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Crayon Heart Valentines

So my daughter, who is 3, goes to daycare. Every year they do a little Valentine's Day celebration and they ask the parents to bring in valentines to exchange. So of course my daughter comes home with a bag full of candy, just what every 3 year old needs right? So I wanted to make a valentine that she can give to people that wasn't candy. This year she will be bringing in these super cute crayon valentines.