Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Masquerade Dinner Party Tutorial Series

Hello everybody! Megan here! So, I know everyone has been super excited to hear about our Masquerade dinner party. The plan was to just have a Halloween party, but with everyone's schedule being so hectic in October (mostly mine) having a Halloween party just wasn't happening. So, the idea for a dinner party was thrown around and the masquerade idea came up. Everyone seemed pretty happy with that idea, but now we had to theme it. Emily threw out the murder mystery idea, which could have worked if we had more party guests on the list and a lot more extra time on our hands to plan it. Then we came up with idea for a Edgar Allan Poe theme, which everyone (me included) went crazy for. So Edgar Allan Poe Masquerade Dinner Party it was! When decided to have the dinner party we also decided to create a tutorial series for it for our readers. So, throughout the month we're going share with you everything we created for this the dinner party. YAY!

Melissa made the awesome possum napkin rings. You'll have to check out the tutorial later this month to see how she did it. The chargers have stanzas from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. And I just bet your wondering how I managed to do that. I'll tell you...the the tutorial.

The tablescape was the most fun part to me. It turned out WAY better than I ever though it would.

We had a hard time with the place card holder. The plan was to originally just buy them, but we couldn't find anything in our price range that fit our party theme. So, we just had to improvise and make some. I think they came out pretty well. We'll have a tutorial for these later on this month, so be on the look out!

I've seen this idea all over Pinterest and I wanted in incorporate it into the table. I got the roses at the Dollar General for *surprise* a $1 a piece. They had skulls on two of the petals, but we just painted over them. They turned out pretty well too. The spiderweb underneath it is actually dried glitter glue. Emily printed off a spiderweb from online and place some waxed paper over it and traced it with the glue. They had to dry overnight and we had to be extremely careful pulling it of the waxed paper. Some the webs broke in a couple of places but Emily was able to fix them by gluing them back together with the glitter glue. 

For the drink table we served one cocktail (Amaretto Sour) which I dubbed the Gold Bug in honor of Edgar Allan Poe. We also served a non-alcoholic punch which was super tasty and will be featured this Thursday for Thirsty Thursday. We also had a pitcher of water too. Emily made the ice chest and we'll have a tutorial on that too!

The menu was pretty fun to come up with. We had a four course meal starting with our appetizer  Parmesan zucchini medallions served with a zesty sauce and for the non adventurous, marinara sauce. For the soup course we served a creamy tomato basil with a cheddar crostini. The main course consisted of pork tenderloin with prosciutto wrapped asparagus. And for dessert, chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate cake. It was all pretty tasty. And all the recipes will soon follow. After dinner, everyone gathered around for a photo shoot. Including your three super awesome blog hostesses.

Megan and Alex

Melissa and Ian

Emily and Leroy.

Over all the night was pretty much a success and very enjoyable. Next time though, I think we might just do that murder mystery dinner party! You guys stay tuned for all the tutorials!

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