Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorite Finds Friday {23}

Hey Everybody! Ha fooled you all! It's actually Emily. Megan has gone out of town so I had to do Favorite Finds this week. No biggie, just learning new jazz so y'all can see what we found and love. So like Megan has said October is a busy month, she has two trips I'm going on vacation... IN SIX FREAKING DAYS Y'ALL!!  Phew, thought I was about to burst with excitement for a minute. My family is going up to Maryland to see some family then head on down to Ocean City MD to spend the last half of the week at a hotel by the beach. It should be fun they have this huge boardwalk with an amusement park, and c'mon, Maryland crabs!?! Yes please!

We also had our masquerade last Friday. It was a lot of fun, be on the look out for tutorials of things we made for it.

Whimsically Homemade
Whimsically Homemade
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Megan's Picks: 

1.  Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin via The Swell Life. With Halloween practically here this is a really cute idea to decorate the porch with a little bit if creativity. Not only is this really colorful but it's unique as well. You aren't going to find many of these around the neighbor hood!

2. Halloween Chevron Wreath via Tatertots and Jello.I love this wreath. So clean, so simple, and most definitely Halloween! 

3.  DIY Curtains from a Bed Sheet via Welcome to Heardmont. Who hasn't been there? You're walking around Target and you see these wonderfully printed bed sheets (on clearance no less!) and you wish they were curtains instead. I hate it when that happens, but now thanks to Meredith's wonderful tutorial, you can turn those bed sheets into those wonderful curtains you always wanted!

Emily's Picks:

1. Vodka Chicken Pasta via Crystal and CoOkay I actually found this last week, but I made it and it was gooood... Even Scarlett approved. She told me I was the best cook mommy ever. So thank you Crystal, for providing the recipe for the coveted title of best cook mommy! 

2. Rolo Cake via Cookies & Cups. This cake is something fierce. We do a lot of cakes for people we know, and we always ask people what kind of cake do they want for their birthday? Most answer given: Oh anything. Lame! So we ask the next question... whats your favorite candy. Then we attempt to turn their favorite candy into a cake. So this is going on file for when someone tells me Rolos. 

3. Traveling with Children tip via All Things Simple This post is short and sweet, but I love the idea. Have I told y'all I'm about to go on vacation, because I've told everyone else who has spent more than 37 seconds around me. I'm too freaking excited, but I'm also a neurotic vacation planner. I do believe this method of packing will bring me a little bit more peace while getting every thing ready. 

Melissa's Picks: 

1.Christmas Pizza via Delia Creates. Christmas Pizza. For those of you who don't know, my boyfriend works in the restaurant industry. Pizza to be exact. So as you can imagine, we are a big pizza eating family. These are going to be a huge hit around the holidays. I might actually do a blog post about them. Such a cool idea!

2. Sugar Cookies with a Surprise Inside via She KnowsCinco de Mayo Pinata Cookies. What! How freaking adorable. I see a trend forming, a Food/Holiday trend. These look like they might be a little more difficult to make, but worth it in the end.

3. Mini Milkshakes via Hey GorgeousMini Milkshake Shooters. Yummy! I love milkshakes. Add a little peppermint and these would be great around Christmas. 

That's a wrap for this week. Go visiting everybody and leave them some comment love. These are some really great ideas! See you all tomorrow for Saturday Social. 

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