Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thirsty Thursday - Starbucks Via Ready Brew

Hey guys! Megan here. So, this week I'm doing something different for Thirsty Thursday. I want to talk about Starbucks' instant coffee packets. Now, I sure everyone here has at least seen instant coffee. I know I have and I've tasted it. And if you haven't, take my word for it, it is gross with a capital G! My Nannie Glenda drinks the Folger's instant coffee stuff and it just smells like overly burnt coffee, but she swears by it because it's stronger than the brewed stuff. No Mam! Not to me. And it tastes like battery acid, or rather  what I think battery acid would taste like. So with my aversion to instant coffee, why do I want to talk about Starbucks's Via Ready Brew?


I blame Emily. Yes, it's totally and completely her fault. If she hadn't gone on vacation this week, leaving me to man the office all on my lonesome, I probably wouldn't have been so desperate for coffee that I was willing to try the only caffeine we had in the office. Starbucks Via. But I needed the caffeine more than I hated instant coffee, so I put on my big girl panties and went for it.  And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.


The instant coffee granules are more like the consistency of finely ground coffee than the big bulky granules of your everyday instant coffee. So, one point for Starbucks Via. When I added the hot water, not only did the instant coffee instantly dissolve but it smelled like ACTUAL Starbucks coffee! WHAT!?! No horrible burnt smell? Yes, please! Two more points for Starbucks Via. 

What did it taste like you ask? Not like battery acid that's for sure. It's pretty good black , but add a couple of packets of sugar and some of my pumpkin spice creamer and you've got yourself a pumpkin coffee lover's dream! The only about this product that I don't like it the price. Starbucks Via Ready Brew comes in at a whopping $10 for only 12  little packets of this instant coffee angel. But if you really take the time to look at the situation, you end up spending more than that if you stop by Starbucks every morning on your way to work. Overall, this product is pretty great and I would highly recommend it to anyone that 's a regular coffee drinker.


AND... I was in Starbucks yesterday and happened across this little fellow! INSTANT PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!  Sign me up! I just might have to pick these up today and give them a try. Thanks for stopping by today for Thirsty Thursday! We'll see you tomorrow for Favorite Finds Friday!

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