Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Masquerade Tutorial -The Raven Charger Plates

Hi everyone! Megan here! So, I know you guys have seen the all the cool stuff we've been doing for the Edgar Allan Poe Masquerade Dinner Party Tutorial Series. If you haven't go ahead and pop on over and check it out. Today I'm going to show you how I managed to make those super cool charger plates that have stanzas from The Raven. You guys remember the charger plates right?

How about now? Yes? Thought so. I was pretty impressed with myself coming up with this. But really I just used an idea that I had previously come up with before for a Christmas advent calendar I made for Alex last year. 

So, yeah. This is going to be super AWESOME!!!


Charger plates
Tissue paper matching the color of your charger plates
Mod podge
Paint brush


1. Hopefully you've got a poem in mind. Obviously, you don't have to use The Raven, but it went with our theme and it had enough stanzas for the amount of charger plates we needed. (more than enough actually) Now, we didn't use the charger plates to eat off of. They were strictly for decor only. So, do head a type out one of your stanzas in Mircosoft Word and pick out the font you'd like to use.

2. Tape one sheet of your tissue paper to one sheet of your cardstock. I went ahead and taped up 6 sheets of tissue because it was just easier than taping up one at time between prints. Try and make sure the tissue paper is pulled pretty tight, but not so tight that it rips.

3. Load your taped tissue paper into your printer. I have load mine upside down in my printer, but everyone's is different. So load it however your printer instructs you to. If you aren't sure. Just mark one side of the paper and print something. That way you'll know which side to face your tissue paper.

4 Print away.

5. Next, cut your tissue paper as closely to the words as you can. Now, take your mod podge and paint brush and mod podge the area on your charger where you want the tissue paper to go. Then, carefully place your tissue paper over the mod podged area and gently smooth it out. Let it dry for a minute then do a coat of mod podge over the tissue paper. Be careful to not get too much mod podge over the edges of the tissue paper on to the actual charger plate. If you do it's not that big a deal you can gently scrape it off with a penny or something like that once the mod podge dries. But it's kinda a pain. Trust me! I know. Now all you have to do is let it dry.

Pretty snazzy. eh? It turned out pretty cool. So much so that the dinner  guests wanted to take these home. Which we allowed of course! Hope you all enjoyed! See you soon!

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