Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Menu Board

Hello everyone! So after a week's hiatus from yours truly I'm finally back. This week's project is a menu board that I made for Emily.

It's nice to get back to crafting after my little mini vacation. My trip was sooo much fun though and I was so happy to see my family. The white water rafting trip was so beautiful. I was really sad that I wasn't able to take my camera so I could snap some pictures while we were on the river, but I think my camera is worth more than a few pictures. The water would have killed it dead. I was able to get some pictures of our other adventures though.

These are the King and Queen buildings in Atlanta. Now, I'm not sure if that's what they are actually called. but my family have been calling them this for as long as I can remember. I caught this picture on our way to the Braves game in Atlanta.

My shoes after the rafting trip. Yes. Those are my toes peeping out the bottoms of my shoes. Needless to say I had to throw these little beauties away.

This is Alex in front of the river in Helen, Ga. wearing his favorite shirt. Why he likes this shirt, I have no idea. This is one of those things I just let go. It makes him feel like he has control over something...just kidding. He's also doing his fake smile. I HATE his fake smile and it's EXTREMELY rare for me to get a picture of him with a genuine smile. I blame his mother for this because of all those millions of photos she made him take growing up. It's taught him the art of fake smiling. I do have a picture of him on my desk at work with a genuine smile. It gives me hope.

I tried for ten minutes to get Alex to get a picture with this guy, but he wasn't having it. In the end I just resigned in take a picture of just him. He looked a lot cooler in person.

This place in Helen, Ga. has the best homemade fudge in the world. Considering that I suck at making fudge we had to get some. It didn't even last the car ride home.

This guy was cool. He would just sit still there until you placed money in the bucket that was in front of him. Then he would dance around and play this cute little tune on his mini banjo. He was fun!

Over all our trip was a success. I nearly got attacked by a snake when I was on the rafting trip, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, enough with the personal boring stuff and on with the tutorial. So, Emily has just got herself some new roommates at her house. They cook three to four nights out of the week and she cooks the rest. She was complaining the other day about how she wanted a menu board so they can plan out the meals of the week. So, me being the awesome friend that I am, made her one.

Yeah, so my handwriting isn't the best, but I thought it came out cute anyway.


Old picture frame with real glass.
Fabric cut to the specifications of your picture backing with a little extra to fold over the sides
Self sticking felt cut to the specifications of your picture backing
Spray adhesive
Sticker Letters (vinyl letters could work too. I was going to use my Cricut for this but I got too lazy and it was really late when I started working on this project.)
Dry erase marker


1. I put my picture backing on a protected surface because the spay adhesive gets REALLY sticky. So once I had this done I sprayed that baby down with spray adhesive.

2. Cover the front of you picture backing with your fabric. Once attached flip over the picture backing and spray it down with adhesive. 

3. Pull tight a pull over back side of the picture backing and place over the adhesive. Do this for all four sides, make sure you pull tight so you don't have any air bubbles or wrinkles.

4. YIKES! Look at that ugly mess! Time for that self sticking felt.

That's better.

A front view.

5. Cut your ribbon the width of your picture backing plus an extra inch or so and attach it to the back of your board like so:

I kinda wing it for the most part, but it turned out pretty decent I think.

6. Add you letters. I played with mine for a little before actually come to something I like. You can tell from this picture because I eventually moved the word menu from the left to the center. I liked that a bit better. Originally, I was just going to leave it like this and write in the Mon-Sun part with dry erase marker, but I didn't really care for that once I did it.

This how the project ended up and I was pretty pleased with it. Emily was happy with it too, which is the only thing that really matters. I hope she gets good use out of it. Hoped you guys enjoyed. See you tomorrow for Favorite Finds Fridays.


  1. Cute! I should do this so my husband doesn't have to ask anymore! But does that mean I hae to plan ahead? HA! The fabric you used is so pretty! I appreciate you linking it up to my party!

  2. What a cute idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having an amazing week!


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