Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anthropologie DIY Knock Off Mirror

Hey everyone! I hope this week is going great for you guys. This week's project is an  Anthropologie  Knock off Mirror. I've seen this project floating around Pinterest lately and I knew I could do it. The original tutorial is on  Flamingo Toes. I saw the original mirror and I had to have one for my own. I found my mirror at a thrift store while I was in Dahlonega for 3 bucks. 3 dollars! HECK YEAH! I'm not sure what it is about Savannah, but most thrift stores here want like $45 for a used wall mirror. Anyway, you'll have to bare with my picture taking. The pictures I've taken don't do this mirror justice.

I LOVE IT!!!  I forgot to get a before picture of the mirror. Sorry. 


Wall Mirror with an easy removable mirror 
Oven Cleaner
Mod Podge
Scrubby Sponge (nothing to rough though you don't want to scratch the mirror)


1. Remove the mirror from the frame. On a covered surface (I used newspaper) spray a little spot of the oven cleaner on the silver backing of your mirror. Be really careful doing this because every mirror is different. The silver backing might come off right away or you might have to wait a few minutes. (Hopefully, your mirror won't be a difficult as mine was, but more about that in a minute) You only want to spray a small area first because you don't know how the spray will come out of the oven cleaner can. Once you have some idea you can go head and spray all the other areas you want your fabric to show. Let it sit for about five minutes then rub the oven cleaner off with a sponge. The silver backing should come right off. I say should, but mine didn't. I let my oven cleaner sit on my mirror for 45 minutes and it just wasn't coming off. I tried everything to get it off. Paint thinner. Bleach. Comet. Everything short of a nuclear bomb, but it just wasn't having it. I ended up having to scrap the backing off with a straight edged razor. I do not recommend this. It turned a two hour project into a ten hour project. But it was soooo worth it for me. I was going to have this mirror come hell or high water. Rinse your mirror with water and dry it off.

2. Cover your mirror with Mod Podge and place you fabric printed side face down onto the mirror. Smooth out all the bubbles.

3. Cut your remaining fabric in to strips long enough and wide enough to cover each side of you mirror frame. Paint on a generous coat of mod podge on one side your frame then cover it with a piece of fabric. If your frame has little ridges like mine did use wooden skewers to get your fabric down into the cracks. Add a another layer of mod podge on top of your fabric. Keep doing this until your entire frame is done.

4. Now it's time you place your mirror back into your frame. Now mine already had nails in the frame that I could bend to hold the mirror back in. If yours doesn't just carefully nail in tiny nails to hold in your mirror. A staple gun could work too.

I just love it. I've got it hanging in front of my bedroom door in our tiny hallway so I get to see it every time I leave the bedroom. It was definitely an accomplishment for me and one of the biggest projects I've completed. And it didn't turn out absolutely horrendous. YAY! Anyway, I hope you guys decide to try it. See you tomorrow for Favorite Finds Friday!


  1. Super cute!! What a great idea to cover a mirror or any kind of frame with fabric! That looks awesome!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at our naturally-nifty party! I hope you will stop back by tomorrow too, and grab a party button to put up on your blog!


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