Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Finds Friday {8}

TGIF! YAY! Sorry this week's finds are a little late. I've been super busy today running errands and cleaning. I hope everyone had a good week. Before we get on with this week's finds I want to let everyone know that our Etsy shop is now up and running. I hope you guys will stop by a check it out and something...maybe. We have direct checkout up and running too. YAY! Anyway, on to this week's favorite finds. Just let you know, there will be no favorite finds next week because I'll be in Orlando spending time with my family.

Whimsically Homemade

Whimsically Homemade

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Megan's Picks

1. Book Bag at Country Living. I love love love this bag. Even if it's entirely too small to fit all the of junk that I carry around. It would make a great gift for someone who reads a lot like myself.

2. Butterfly Chandelier at Heartland Paper. This butterfly chandelier is just too cute. I think this would be perfect for spring decor especially if you made your butterflies different spring colors. I just might have to do this one next year for spring.

3. Plaid Cape at P.S. I made this. Recently, I have started have this fascination with vests and capes and such. I did a little shriek when I saw this because it was so darn cute! Not only that it's super easy to make. Now, all I have to do if find some fabric I like.

4. Recycled Food Packaging Lights at Toxel. So this project is really cool. But I bet it's extremely time consuming. Also, I don't think I could really get away with having this in my house anymore since I'm a grown woman and not a dorm living college student. Maybe I can move to Portland. I know I could definitely could get away with it there.

5. Blueberry Lavender Mojito at Sweet Pea Events. Um...can anyone say delicious? Not only is the color pleasing, but lavender in a mojito just sounds tasty. I've seriously got this on my to do this for this summer. Tasty!

Emily's Picks

1. Recycled Magazine Butterfly Collage at Peacock ChicWho doesn't want to do this? No one? This is absolutely amazing. Just found it last minute and thought again Christmas. I love the look of this and the paper she chose as the background. I wanted to do a collage of butterflies in Scarlett's room and I think this is going to be a lot simpler than painting each one individually. Awesome. 

2. Kid's DIY Wagon at PBJstoriesScarlett would love this. Last time we visited my mother she would not let go of a small wagon that my mom had. She also has been in to trains lately so I think if I can convince Leroy to make it for her (since I can work a drill about as good as a squirrel could) I might have him make two or three that could be linked up to make a train. She'd go nuts. 

3. Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter at Picky Palate.  Alright to be honest the first time I saw this I though "oh how gross" but the more I got to thinking about it the more I thought it could be really good. Serve it with some graham crackers, nice midnight snack. So I think I am going to pick up some oreos this weekend since I have everything else, and give it a try. 

4. DIY Apothecary Bottle at Bridal GuideAh I'm in love with these. I want to make some to have a full on fancy bath set. Put bath salts in one, oils in another, perfume. Plus what a awesome gift set would that make, I'm already thinking Christmas gifts for this year (yes I know I am neurotic) these would be awesome to make for my sisters.

5. Princess Party Hats at Guilty or Guilt FreeHow adorable right? Megan and I were just talking about what to do for Scarlett's 4th birthday (even though it's still 7 months away!) and I was thinking princess themed (but who knows she changes her mind on what she likes everyday). Even if I did it before then these are adorable and what little girl wouldn't go bananas for them? I love the fact that Trish said that she did "the real person version". 

Okay. There you go. Enjoy them. Give love. These ladies work real hard and it's nice to know that someone thinks they are awesome!

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