Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bubble Magnets

I made these for my mom on Mother's Day. But like the horrible person I am, I still have not sent them off yet. I think it's secretly because I hope she will come visit and retrieve them. Dreaming.... I love having my mom visit. So since it was for Mother's Day I made her magnets with her grandchildren's photos. (Not to mention I keep forgetting to get a good picture of Scarlett to make the final magnet). I also made myself a set using scrapbook paper and they were super cute.

You will need: 

Mod Podge 
A brush
Pictures / Paper
Flat Marble (Big)

I got the magnets and flat marbles at Michaels. 
I printed out the pictures on card stock.

Now it takes a little bit to get them to the right size. Once you have the sizes right place the flat marbles on the pictures to make sure. 

Then cut out the pictures individually and cut it to fit the marble. I just held the picture and marble together and went around it with a pair of scissors. 

Then take your marble and mod podge the flat side of it.

Then add the picture with the picture facing the mod podge so that when you turn it over you see it through the magnet. 

Mod Podge on top of that and make sure you go over the sides to secure a good bond. 

I know it's sorta hard to see being white on white on white, sorry y'all. Let the mod podge dry completely before you add the magnet.  When the mod podge is dry take the magnet and place a dot of E6000 on it. 

Press it on to the back of the marble. 

Let it dry over night to make sure you have a good strong bond. 

Ta-Da! I think they turned out super cute. And I just know that whenever I get my butt in gear and send them, my mother is going to love them. They are so easy and cheap. One bag of flat marbles will do five sets of four magnets. 


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  4. These are so creative! Love it!

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