Thursday, June 7, 2012

Caprese Grilled Cheese

Well I haven't posted in a while. Sorry everyone, had a lot going on at home and checked out of blog world for a little bit. That's why it's so great to be doing a blog with a best friend, one of us can keep on posting while the other one can't.

So today I am going to do Caprese grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course Caprese is usually a mozzarella tomato and basil salad, but let's shake it up a little bit. I originally started doing this for a meatless Monday meal, it turned out to be our favorite. It's nice and fresh and light, great with a salad.

You will need: 

A loaf of Italian or French bread 
      *I use prebaked french bread from the store. 
Butter or margarine 
Basil Pesto
Mozzarella (I use shredded) 

I know you're thinking that's a lot of mozzarella, but you won't use all of it, I just put the bag in a bowl for picture purposes. 

Slice the bread about the thickness of normal bread (maybe just a little thicker). Spread butter on one side of the bread. Set it in the pan, butter side down, and spread about 2 teaspoons of the basil pesto on the other side of the bread. You can vary the amount of pesto to your taste. 

Add sliced tomato, and again you can slice the tomato thickness to your liking. 

If you would like to you can add a little salt and pepper on the tomato, I sometimes like to add some pepper. Then add the mozzarella. I use shredded, but sliced would work too. 

Then butter the other slice of bread and top it! 

Cook it on a medium or medium low so the cheese has enough time to melt with out the bread burning. And be careful with the flip! 

MMMMMmmmmm.... An adult grilled cheese sandwich. 

Ignore the "fine china" as my dad would call it, and look at all that melty goodness. I introduced these to my brother and his girlfriend and they quickly became a favorite of theirs too. We ran out of the french bread and used regular white and the grilled cheese was still good. So please make them and let me know what you think!! 


  1. Yum! Thanks for linkin up! This looks great~I think I need lunch!

  2. All that melty cheesiness looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.


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