Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Fabric Vase

Hi everyone! Recently, we added another couch to our living room to get ready for football season. I live in an apartment and the living room area is kinda small, so I had to rearrange my entire living room in fit a second couch in there. If I had got it my way we would have gotten rid of the old plaid couch that we have. Football season. Football season, Alex said to me. So, compromise. We can keep both couches if we can get the cooking channel and food network when we get our cable service turned back on for NFL RedZone. But really, it's a pretty good deal for me. Not only do I get my food network, but I get to enjoy Sunday night football without cramped quarters with all the boys around. But, I won't tell Alex that it was a good idea. No need to grow his ego any bigger than it already is. Why am I telling you this story, you ask?

This is why. With all the rearranging some things had to be taken out of the living room entirely. Like our white book case that kinda looked silly in there to begin with because everything else is black. So, I placed it in the tiny hallway on the way to our bathroom. Right underneath my wonderfully crafted Anthropologie knock-off mirror. The vase that you see there is today's wonderful tutorial. With all the things that got displaced and moved around, I had a big empty spot on the book case that I just had to do something about. I had some left over fabric of the beautiful print I used for the mirror that I had been saving. It was just waiting for me to get some inspiration.


Mod Podge (I used matte kind, but any kind will probably work.)
And old  cylinder container. As you  can see I used a bread crumbs container. I have like a million of these.
Paint brush


1. Okay, so I'm an eyeball it kinda of girl. I don't do exact measurements, which might explain why some of  my projects come out as a major fail. Anyway, what you want to do is take your container, lay it down on your fabric, and mark about an inch to two inches of extra fabric from the top of the container and one to two inches at the bottom. Basically, you want to cover the entire container when you roll in up into the fabric and have some fabric hanging off the end. You'll need it to mod podge the bottom and top. You can measure it out exactly and not worry with the bottom and top mod podge, but I suck at that and this was just the easiest way to me. But go with what feels right.

2. Cut off any excess fabric off from where you marked your extra one or two inches.

3. Mod podge you entire container.

4. Center your container on your fabric that is print side down the best you can. You want to start at the edge of your fabric and slowly roll your container over the fabric adhering it to the container. You might have to work out some wrinkles, but this process is pretty forgiving. Once you are satisfied, let dry.

5. Yikes, sorry about this picture. Now, go ahead and cut in about one inch intervals around the top and bottom of your container's extra fabric.

6. Mod Podge down your little fabric cuts to the bottom and inside of your container.

7. Put and extra layer of mod podge over it for good measure.

8. Now, go over the entire container again with mod podge. Yes, over the fabric. Let dry completely.

Instant vase. Now, I would not recommend using this for real flowers considering this is made from cardboard and wouldn't hold up well if you put water in it. But it holds silk flowers nicely, if I don't say so myself. If you have any question or comments or if anything in the tutorial is confusing just comment below. I'm more than willing to help clear up anything that's not understandable. See you soon!

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