Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Finds Friday {14}

Yay! No Favorite Finds last week? Yeah, that's my bad. Last weekend was my very good friend Teresa's birthday party. I had to put the finishing touches on her cake. (I'll be sharing that later on.)  It took me a lot longer than expected and then I was exhausted so I took a nap then I had to get down the to beach where her party was. Before I knew it, it was Monday and I was still exhausted. I've done two cakes in the last week and those take so much work, they tire me out quick. The weekend before Emily and I worked on a birthday cake for one of our co-workers. He wanted a vanilla on vanilla cake. How boring is that? So me and Emily, being the show offs that we are, were able to find out his favorite candy. We've made cakes before based off of candy. Like the almond joy cake below.


Yummy! But Our co-worker's favorite candy was jolly ranchers. JOLLY RANCHERS! How in the heck do you make a cake from that. Well, my friends allow me to demonstrate.

Why yes! That is a beautiful mosaic of melted down jolly ranchers that was cracked into a million pieces and adhered to this cake. Genius! Until the jolly ranchers began melt and slide down the cake because the Savannah heat and humidity got to it. But, at least it survived long enough for me to get some pictures. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of the inside of the cake, but imagine a three layer cake and blue, purple, and green layers. Overall, it was a big hit! Anyway, enough showing off. Enjoy this week's favorite finds!

Whimsically Homemade

Whimsically Homemade

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Megan's Picks

1. Spoon Rings at Through the Front Door. I used to have one of these when I was younger. It was my favorite ring and I wore it all the time. I can't remember where I got, but I absolutely loved it. Obviously someone else did too because they stole it. Oh the woe and agony that I endured losing this ring! I have wanted another one ever since. I thought about buying one, but I've never been able to find one in my price range...until now!

2. Loaded Baked Potato Dip at Brown Eyed Baker. Two things. 1) I loved loaded baked potatoes, but I never eat them because I so ridden with guilt afterward and 2) Football season. Not only can eat this and feel a little less guilty, but it is a perfect addition to our array of snacks for Sunday Football. Yummy! 

3. Cupcake Pizzas from All My Great Ideas Are Really From Pinterest. So delicious I want them right now! And it actually looks super easy. (I say that now and when I actually go and try them I will burn them to no return probably.) 

4. Transferring Ink to Candles at A Girl in Paradise. Okay so I have one thing to say. BRILLIANT!


5. Comic Book Cuff Bracelet from Plucking Daisies. Another comic project. Yes, I wish I had found this last week so I could have added it to the other two projects and completely drown you guys with them. This project definitely takes some work, but the end projects is sooooo worth it. To us geeks 

Emily's Picks

1. Wicker Ceiling at Decorate with a Little BitI love love love this look. My house has plaster ceilings, which to me is a dying art in homes, however my house and the plaster (from what we can tell!) is 112 years old. So we may keep the plaster in some rooms, but definitely not all. As we do them I will have to keep the wicker ceiling in mind, I just love the color with mahogany accents.


 2. Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Comes at Simply ScratchSo Scarlett's birthday is still 6 months away but I keep on planning. Silly me. I try not to plan anything related to the theme because I know she'll change her mind, but regardless of the theme, I am going to do an ice cream bar. And now I want to have chocolate dipped cones. So easy and much more visually appealing! 


 3. Butterfly Cupcakes at Annie's EatsAren't these butterfly cupcakes just the most magical thing you've ever seen? It seems like a lot of time would go into them so I've been trying to come up with a special occasion I could make them, but I think I might just have to make them the next lazy Saturday  I have. They're just soooo pretty. 


 4. Painted Treat Tins by Cynthia Shaffer Last year Megan and I sent treats to our home office around Christmas time. But we had the hardest time finding appropriate tins because the owner (who we were trying to impress!) is Jewish and we didn't want to send a super Christmas-y tin. I plan on keeping the tradition of sending goodies and this just made the whole process a lot easier. 


 5.Cake Postcards at She KnowsAnd guess what I am making this weekend, lol. This is a super cute idea and since my family knows how well Megan and I do cakes, this would be adorable. I would love to see my mothers face pulling this out of her mail box. 

Alright everyone, that's this weeks finds. I hoped everyone enjoys them as much as we did. Please go visit and comment and maybe take in a little inspiration.

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